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History begins in 2010 with the foundation


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About Company

Producing the highest quality meatgrown directedly from cells

Using edible and affordable plant-based platform, and in a scalable and sustainable

animal- friendly process. We believe that our cultivated meat will provide nutritional security, as well as increasing food safety worldwide..

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About Our Company
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Lab-created meats, also known as cultured meat

Challenges Abound for Cultured Meat Industry


Cultured meats need to be approved as safe to consume by the USDA and the FDA before they can be sold to consumers. One challenge is what to call these products — should they be known as "meat"?


The most immediate, and pressing, problem is scaling the facilities where cultured meats are grown. The cells replicate on frameworks, which need to be built, and the cells need to be "fed" with a media that needs to be readily available.

Customer Acceptance

The cultured meat industry won’t grow if consumers don’t accept these products. In order for that to happen, there needs to be complete transparency, education, and information, symposium participants said.